Michael Carrick has backed Cristiano Ronaldo to adapt and thrive under Ralf Ragnick at Man Utd. There has been speculation whether Ronaldo would be able to adapt to the pressing style of Ragnick. He was announced as the interim manager earlier this week but will be made to wait to take over until he gets a work permit.

“Maybe it is a myth,” Man Utd caretaker manager Michael Carrick said. “He’s played in enough teams over the years and been successful to [be able to] play in a variety of ways. He has kept scoring goals for every team he has played for and I am sure he will continue to score goals, no doubt about that. Players adopt anyway. You’ve got to have skills for different styles. Ralf has obviously got a terrific pedigree over a long period of time and had success with that. I am sure the players are looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.”

“It seems like it’s a big decision but, really, between us, and personally, it wasn’t. If you ask Cristiano – the way he responded was perfection really,” he added. “He was around the dressing room, he was incredible, he supported the players. At half-time, I went in to do my team talk and he was warming up for 10 minutes, ready to come on the second half. A lot can be made of it and [people are] trying to spin it in a negative way but behind the scenes, it is very different.”

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