Man Utd caretaker boss Ralf Rangnick believes that the Premier League should reintroduce the five substitute rules. United is one of the sides that had a Covid outbreak with matches against Brighton and Brentford postponed. The Premier League is set to meet with managers and captains to discuss player welfare during the fixture congestion of the festive period. The five substitute rules is present in the major leagues since their introduction during the height of the pandemic.

“The five subs were implemented when Covid started, and I think it was the right decision to do that to save energy for players, especially if they have just recovered from Covid,” Man Utd caretaker boss Ralf Rangnick said. “The same is true right now – we are in a similar situation to the one we had one-and-a-half years ago, therefore I don’t see why it shouldn’t be as it was one-and-a-half years ago. As far as I know, in Europe England is the only country where they only allow three subs.”

“You’re still allowed eight field players on the team sheet, you should be able to replace five, you will always have five players on the bench who cannot be substituted on and cannot play,” he added. “I think it would be of great help to have five subs. I would be much more in favor of having five subs. I think we should seriously think about that again. Most of the players would be in favor of that.”

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