Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan is set to pay for 5000 trees to be planted in Germany and Turkey following natural disasters. He has also vowed to raise funds and awareness in support of regions that have been hit hard by floods and wildfire. After extreme rainfall, large parts of Belgium and Germany were hit by floods. On the other hand, Turkey where his parents hail from encountered wildfires due to the soaring temperatures. Climate Change has been widely reported as the cause of these disasters.

“I have been very concerned about both these tragedies.” Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan said. “For me, who has family and friends in both countries, it was hard to believe. It cannot be denied that climate change played a certain role in this.”

“It is particularly important that we set an example now, that events like these in summer 2021 do not become a daily occurrence for our children,” he added. “Even in primary school, we learn how important trees are for mankind and for our climate. I would like to play a small part with this campaign to draw more attention to this issue, but also to contribute financial support.”

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