Manchester United owners, the Glazers have revealed that either Joel or Avram Glazer will attend a fan advisory board meeting to help improve communication with the supporters. The club are in talks to finalize a new fan advisory board after the club’s failed attempt to form the European Super League. These steps have been taken after the Glazers have been guilty of maintaining silence after taking over in 2005.

“Manchester United is finalizing plans for a new Fan Advisory Board and an expanded Fans’ Forum, following constructive dialogue with fan representatives and the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST).” Manchester United owners, the Glazers said in a statement. “The Terms of Reference and composition of both bodies have been agreed in consultation with the existing Fans’ Forum, and with MUST in its capacity as the accredited independent fan group representing Manchester United supporters.”

“Recruitment to the two bodies will begin in the coming weeks. More information on the criteria for the representative roles and how to apply will be published at that time.” the statement added. “Progress has also been made in discussions with MUST about the creation of a mutually beneficial fan share scheme which would give fans access to a new class of shares, each with the same high-vote rights as the B shares held by the Glazer family. Detailed work is continuing, supported by expert advisers, on the structure of the potential fan share scheme and more information will be shared in due course.”

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