Stewart Hamer, the first coach of Manchester United wonder kid Zidane Iqbal says that he was so good that he ran rings around the other kids. Iqbal came off the bench to feature for Manchester United in the Champions League. He became the first British South Asian to play for United. Iqbal was born in Manchester whose mother is Iraqi and his father is Pakistani. Iqbal played for Sale United and was coached almost a decade ago by Stewart Hamer.

“When we played a few six-a-side competitions [as he got older] he would do very well. He would stand out,” Hamer said talking about Manchester United wonder kid Zidane Iqbal. “We got to the point where sometimes we would have to take him off the field in fairness to the opposition because he was just too dangerous on the field and it didn’t feel fair on the others. We had a process, even in four, five, and six-a-side where the kids would play in all sorts of different positions.”

“So they all took the part and played in goal and Zee would quite often go in goal for us, and he was happy to do that. I’ve still got visions of Zee being in goal and leaning on the goalpost, waiting for something to happen!” he added. “But he’s just never changed. He’s just very focused on his football career. And what happened [with him making his Manchester United debut] was just the icing on the cake so far. But it’s only the beginning of the story, hopefully.”

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