Italy’s CT Roberto Mancini said ‘nobody wanted to coach the national team’ and with the Azzurri, as he intended to build something new. He was expected to prepare for the next competition in the coming weeks, as he was successfully qualifying for Euro 2020 with a perfect 10.

Mancini felt the Azzurri was in a strong place and would have been hard to overcome this summer, but he would have to assume that next year he will make the most of having an even more experienced crop.

“We should have played in these two months two important friends at Wembley against England and Nuremberg against Germany. We should have been in a retreat for the European Championship in these days, then. We missed everything that comes with our job and everyday normality,” Mancini told Roma TV.

Mancini thinks it would have been hard for everyone to beat them and the team would work for it. He hopes the younger boys will gain more experience this year.

Mancini, who acknowledged in the same interview that the Roma starlet Nicolò Zaniolo will have to ‘find his place,’ announced he had taken on the job of creating something special with the Azzurri.”

Mancini: Nobody wanted to coach the national team

He says his idea was to do something special to bring people closer to the national team and the lads were very good at creating a great atmosphere. Italy has always had good players throughout history and that is the case even today. It’s never easy to win, even against weaker teams, so they decided to do something different than before, trying to play well, so starting from these games, do their best.

No-one wanted to coach the national team when Mancini arrived, they asked him and he said yes.

Many were afraid to step into a tough situation, but football is often made of those moments and you just need to have a little confidence and trust in the talents of younger players, Mancini added.


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