Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been awarded a Special Appreciation Award by Greater Manchester ‘s high sheriff because of his charity work.

Marcus Rashford won a special award from the Great Manchester High Sheriff for his charitable work in support of those affected during the COVID19 lockdown.

Rashford was praised for his philanthropy work with the Special Recognition Award as he partnered with FareShare, a UK-based charity and community group aimed at overcoming food poverty and reducing food waste in the country. Rashford had hoped to raise enough money for around 400,000 children’s meals. He managed to collect donations of about 20 million pounds.

The striker has been working to raise nearly £20 m for FareShare during the UK lockdown period.

Marcus Rashford Receives Special Recognition Award By Greater Manchester’s High Sheriff

The 22-year-old has enjoyed the best form of his early career on the field, scoring 14 times for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘s side in 22 Premier League outings and netting 19 in 31 games overall, but he has been honored for his work raising money for local communities.

In his spare time, Rashford raised nearly £ 20 million ($25 million) for FareShare by making good use of his recent time. FareShare is a charity that aims to reduce hunger and limit food waste. He has originally solicited contributions worth £ 100,000.

Such efforts caught the attention of Eamonn O’Neal, Greater Manchester ‘s high sheriff who, thanks to his achievements, sent the England ace a certificate.

Posting on Twitter, Rashford said: “These types of things wouldn’t normally be shared but this certificate is not just for me, it belongs to all of you.

Marcus Rashford Receives Special Recognition Award By Greater Manchester’s High Sheriff

Meanwhile, Rashford is expected to have the all-clear to play when the Premier League returns due to the coronavirus pandemic following a two-month break.

Boss Solskjaer said both he and midfielder Paul Pogba have shaken off injuries and are preparing well ahead of the restart of the season, which is scheduled to arrive in mid-June.


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