Former English Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg revealed that the stress of the job was a major factor behind his decision to leave English Football in 2017. Clattenburg was a referee at the highest level for 13 years and was widely regarded as one of the best referees in European football. He was in charge of the 2016 Champions League Final as well as the 2016 Euro Final. Clattenburg was in charge of 297 Premier League games.

“The stress levels of refereeing in the Premier League [were a factor],” former English Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg said. “Most referees last eight-10 years and then finish because of the stress, the training every day, and the pressure on your body. To do 13 years was a very difficult ask. I’m still getting abuse now on social media and it’s really sad to see the abuse that referees take”

“I think in the past, it was [seen as] a sign of weakness but now more and more people are speaking out. Therefore, football is supporting not just the players, but the referees,” Clattenburg added. “When I was coming through the system, I had to use people – friendships. They used to help me deal with issues that I used to have – dealing with abuse, issues in your private life. It’s always difficult because you’re in the public eye and you have a responsibility, but, either way, it’s important that people go out and get the help they need.”

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