Mason Mount notes that the similarities are unfair between him and Jack Grealish. To paint them as rivals at England level, to see them as an either/or choice for the team of Gareth Southgate, has become trendy, certainly on social media.

With Mount, the clean-cut, hard worker, the favorite son of managers, and Grealish, the maverick outlaw, caricatures of the pair have created. Somewhere in between the extremes, the reality is. Mount is optimistic that, not least because he would prefer to work in a deeper midfield role, they will play in the same line-up.

As his blueprint for next summer’s European Championship, Southgate has settled on a 3-4-3 system which he will continue to fine-tune in the upcoming matches against the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, and Iceland.

The manager said he thinks Grealish is a wide-ranging attacker, and the captain of Aston Villa is most at ease on the left. In the home games against Belgium and Denmark last month, Southgate started Mount off on the right-wing, while the Chelsea player enjoyed himself when he was moved to one of the key positions of the formation in the away game against Denmark in September.

Mount said, “I’ve played midfield my whole life.” I varied between playing a little more forward in a position of No. 10, but I still see myself as No. 8. I’ve certainly got more time passing in my locker and when you’re playing in that No 8 spot, you can pull that out more. I do like the [central] position of that. It helps me to build up the ball to play and to get forward and join the attack as well. For me to be deeper suits me and the way I play, with the assault threats we have in this squad.”


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