Boss Mauricio Pochettino acknowledged that Neymar is in danger of missing Paris Saint-Champions Germain’s League knockout tie against Barcelona next week, and the injury he sustained could have been the product of referees’ “lack of protection”.

During the second half of the Coupe de France match with Caen on Wednesday, the forward left the pitch in agony, going straight down the tunnel for treatment.

Now, PSG must wait for further tests in the left adductor region of the attacker to decide if he will play in the last-16 Champions League clash’s vital first leg.

“We’ll see the doctor tomorrow,” Pochettino told Eurosport. “It’s hard to tell at the moment. Next week, will he be there? To find out, I need more time and more information.’

I don’t want to take it out on the way the opponent played and the way [Neymar] played his game,” Pochettino added in his press conference about the refereeing.” But I just feel like there is sometimes a lack of defense from refereeing during matches. But this is just a thought.

Pochettino said he did not regret choosing Neymar in the competition for the Coupe de France, adding that Neymar “was in perfect condition to play today.”

Due to a minor tear in his left adductor, which is part of the groin section, Neymar missed several weeks earlier in the campaign. Pochettino revealed his latest injury was also to the adductor after Wednesday’s game, although most of the details remain undisclosed.

At the turn of the year, Neymar also fought ankle issues.

If Neymar is ruled out of the Barcelona match, two starting attackers will leave PSG down. With a muscle problem, Winger Angel Di Maria is already sidelined.


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