Mauricio Pochettino, the Paris Saint-Germain boss, said that any coach in the world would like a player of the caliber of Lionel Messi at their disposal.

At the end of the season, Messi, 33, was out of contract at Barcelona and the six-time Ballon d’Or was closely linked to PSG and Manchester City.

At the beginning of the month, Pochettino just took over at PSG but is already facing questions about Messi’s future arrival.

However, the former Tottenham boss said that any coach in the world will like to have Messi.

“Sometimes words are unnecessary. With the question you ask me, everything is understood,” Pochettino told AS.

Which coach wouldn’t want a player of the quality you’re asking me about in the world? I completely understand the issue, but it’s looking for a controversy.

“It is a dangerous question if a word of mine is taken out of context … Pochettino will come disrespectfully, Pochettino talks about this, Pochettino talks about that.”

Pochettino has previously spoken about the bond he shares with Messi because of their relation to the Old Boys of Newell, where they were both in the youth system.

Although the 48-year-old paid homage to Messi, when PSG met Barcelona in the Champions League last 16, he was also planning to meet the star forward.

Nothing to say is left. I love him and appreciate him so much that I prefer never to say something or refer to him. Pochettino said, “There is nothing left to say. I respect and admire him so much that I prefer never to say anything or refer to him. It is the best tribute you can do to someone,”

We share the two of us who wore the Newell’s jersey, and that’s a very big deal. We are united by that connection.


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