Maurizio Sarri admits that he would prefer to lose to Udinese by attacking too intensely, rather than passively accepting a draw, as the host of Juventus Sampdoria. ‘I incline toward it.’

The Bianconeri could have been Italy’s champions in the week, however, they mishandled another lead and lost 2-1 to Udinese.

“We want to achieve our target without losing our heads. We have until August 2 to reach our goal and, as I’ve always said, drawing near to it means absolutely nothing,” said the coach in his question and answer session (via Football Italia).

“Wellness work is all the same for teams right now, which is non-existent because we play like clockwork. It’s difficult to do anything in these conditions. We lost our shape and organization in Udine, yet the positive aspect is we did that because we were making a decent attempt to win. I favor that as a reason to lose rather than being passive, which is what we encountered a couple of different times. I like that longing to win, however, we weren’t impeccable in the execution.”


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