Mohammed Salah has admitted that it’s no rush to move away from Liverpool because he wants to win more Red titles. Having led Jürgen Klopp ‘s side to the Champions League and Premier League glory in the last 12 months, Salah has firmly established itself as one of the world’s best strikers, resulting in unconvincing talk of a blockbuster going away from Anfield.

Real Madrid is often referred to as the possible suitors of Salah, given that they don’t have the funds needed to pull off such a move anywhere near. But the Egyptians told beIN Sports (via The Mirror) that it wouldn’t even matter if they had that sort of money.

He said: “Because we have good synergy between us, we can make full use of this generation, and you will find unity and everybody knows what to do and where to find our team-mates. It’s not easy to live at our best but, we’re going to play hard to keep on winning trophies. I can not claim I have enough trophies and have achieved my limit. I will try to do my utmost to make the year ahead better than the previous one. I am incredibly satisfied. After 30 years, I can not explain my feelings after we won the title. I can see the happiness of people, and that is so important to us all. I love the feeling here. I love this place, and I hope I will stay for a long time.”

To Salah, who currently sits on 17 goals and seven assists, it’s been an incredible individual campaign, and he added (via Goal) that although he’s happy to earn recognition, club captain Jordan Henderson has been this year ‘s top squad scorer.

He explained: “We have a lot of good players, you can’t say that, if you asked ten men, ‘Is Alisson the best player?’ Nine of them will say that. We’ve had a fantastic season, but if I have to select one, I ‘m going to choose Henderson because he’s our captain, he’s been here for eight or nine years, facing several challenges and getting over it. He’s a wonderful guy and is just trying to help others.”


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