In Nicosia, Azerbaijan defeated Cyprus 1-0 for the first group of the UEFA Nations League’s third capacity group.

In the group’s other game, Montenegro managed to “escape” with three points from Luxembourg without being better, on the contrary, prevailing 1-0 thanks to a penalty for Becirai in the second minute of the extra time.

Montenegro did two in two and is now only at the top of the standings, leaving Luxembourg in second place, which suffered its first defeat after the victory on the premiere.

Liechtenstein premiered with the right in the 2nd group of the 4th capacity group, which prevailed 2-0 away from home in San Marino, which, in equal numbers, suffered its second defeat.

The guests essentially “cleaned” the game from the first minutes, as they were ahead in the 3′ with Hassler’s penalty and Frick doubled his team’s goals in the 14th minute, shaping the final result.


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