As one of the greatest players of all time, Alvaro Morata ranks “the incredible” Cristiano Ronaldo and plans to tell his kids that he played forward alongside Juventus.

In his third season, five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo scored 19 goals in 18 games with Series A champions Juve.

Last September, Morata returned to Atletico Madrid’s Allianz Stadium on an initial loan deal and contributed four goals and five assists in 12 league appearances.

The pair spent time together in real Madrid, too, and Morata says it’s a pleasure to partner once again with the captain of Portugal.

“Playing with him is easy,” he said told Sky Italia Sport.

“For some time, I have known him. He scores on certain occasions where a typical individual does not score. I gave him some support in Parma, which only he could see and understand. His gestures and what he wants to do, I understand.

I bring his men on the move sometimes, and I think it helps to make sure that he doesn’t only have two or three players around him. Playing with him is a joy.

He’s still one of the finest in the history of football. He’s great, he’s extremely nice and he can play anywhere he likes, whether it’s nine, 10 or 11. I can only enjoy it every day, and for a long time to come, I intend to help it. For me, it’s a source of pride. I grew up watching him and I was dreaming about playing with him when I got here and [Paulo] Dybala delighted me.

We are players at a higher level. And off the pitch, we have a fantastic friendship. I’m going to tell my children that I played with them.”

To close a gap of four points relative to their rivals, on whom they have a game in hand, Juventus ranks second on Inter Sunday.

This season, the pair have scored 27 goals together which is more than 12 Serie A clubs in total.


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