The latest bad form and fainting spells of Juventus striker Alvaro Morata have been caused by cytomegalovirus, according to reports in Italy. maintains that this condition is at the root of the Spaniard’s obvious dip in form, and after the match in Porto, the incident mentioned by coach Andrea Pirlo caused him to feel faint in the dressing room.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is similar to the herpes virus that causes chickenpox and is a very common virus that is usually harmless. There can be flu-like symptoms when it is first contracted, but the immune system appears to have it under control within three weeks.

Muscle aches, fatigue, and a sore throat may be included in the symptoms.

Morata fainted after Porto’s defeat in the Champions League match and underwent comprehensive examinations in which the disease was diagnosed.

It is a virus that, for the rest of its life, resides in the body but does not belong to a group of more harmful ones.

What is an issue is transmitted by similar yet “more active communication” and is a herpes-associated virus.

Morata is currently playing for Juventus as an Atletico Madrid loan player and has worn Real Madrid and Chelsea jerseys throughout his career.


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