Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho said Arsenal “doesn’t have much to celebrate” after being questioned by their north London rivals about a recent social network post, Goal reports.

Mourinho said: “I guess if they were top of the table or fighting for the top four in a very nice moment they wouldn’t enjoy other people’s problems. You ‘re just appreciating the troubles of certain people because you’re also in danger. On top, it’s telling something about them. They have nothing to celebrate, they need to be given the chance to do so. They ‘re somewhat close to us at the table.

In continuation, he said: “I don’t like getting the club linked to any post or tweet. Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but the person who did it obviously did it on his own. I don’t think it was Mikel Arteta who did it. I don’t think it was Granit Xhaka or any other captain. Maybe, it was a guy who had been training for three months at home. No problem at home so we’ll wait for them.”


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