On the promotion of Thomas Tuchel to a similar position at Chelsea, Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho expressed his views.

“Chelsea is still Chelsea. They changed their head coach, but they didn’t change their team. This squad has enormous potential, and there are many very good players,” Mourinho told Teamtalk.

“They had a good Frank Lampard coach, and he did a good job. They’ve got another good coach now, Tuchel. He comes from a league that can’t be compared with the EPL, but he’s used to working in the locker room with high-level stars, used to having significant players. At a club like Chelsea, he’ll fit in well.

It is a historic accomplishment to win the Champions League; even great coaches have not done it. It’s happening. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the most striking players of the last 20 years, hasn’t won the Champions League either, although he’s 40. It doesn’t happen because you’re not a coach or a phenomenal athlete.

Once a coach performs in the top leagues, he is among the elite professionals. Now I’m not referring to Tuchel, Ligue 1 is still incredibly competitive, PSG aside, it’s a different level of the club.

Working in the best leagues is the biggest challenge for a coach. The greatest obstacle at the moment is our league.”


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