The results of the 1/16 Europa League match were summarized by Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho.

“We had to play ambitiously, and so it turned out. The score should have been more than 3-0 after the first half.

In the second half, we made a mistake and Wolfsberg had a chance. There were analogies with the match against Everton (4:5). When you control the game and suddenly make a mistake, it allows the opponent to escape, the game can change. Everything was fine here. But the score could have been 2:3.

With confidence, we controlled the game and created a lot of chances. I believe the last objective almost decided the fate of the opposition. On the road at 4:1 – a very good result.

I don’t think it’s a fantastic victory – just good, it feels good. In the event of defeat, the flight back home will not be the same as it would have been. The same goes for the training session tomorrow.

We have managed to give a rest to some players. “Let’s say the dream was only 45 minutes,” said Mourinho.

For the first time in the XXI century, in the first half of a European Cup play-off match, Tottenham scored 3 goals


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