Glenn Murray revealed how ‘off-putting’ it is to fire up Jurgen Klopp’s attention on the opposition.

The Reds manager has been used to seeing the opposition practice before every match. And his antics appear to have gotten into Brighton striker Murray’s head!

The 36-year-old told talkSPORT: “Before the game, Klopp does this stuff, I don’t know if anyone realized that. Then he is going to step straight up to the halfway line and stand there on the spot and then look at the half of the opposition. It’s off-putting. He’s just stuck in the halfway line, watching the opposition warm up.”

“The first time it happens is just tossing you out and you’re like, ‘what is he doing? He doesn’t even look at his own squad, they just watch us. He’s not breaking his point of view, he’s just going to keep watching the whole time.”

In 30 years Klopp has guided Liverpool to a first top-flight title as his side finished 18 points ahead of Man City last month.


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