New 2021-22 football kits | Football fashion is its own business, and every season, teams all over the world participate by producing a whole new set of uniforms for the season. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and other brands compete each year to design the best-looking kits, ensuring that there is always some form of innovation.

Some firms have gone back in time for nostalgic inspiration, while others have opted for a more contemporary look.

So, in 2021-22, what will the best teams be wearing? has revealed all the information on verified kits, rumors, and leaks.

AC Milan | Home

AC Milan’s association with Puma will continue in 2021-22, and the Rossoneri will wear a lot more red this season than last. On the jersey, a strong black stripe runs down the center of the chest, with two narrower stripes on either side. Another, even thinner black stripe frames the body. The Puma emblem and sponsor lettering burst out white from the red v-neck collar.

Arsenal | Away

Arsenal will wear yellow away from home in 2021-22, following their marbled away uniform attempt last season. Surprisingly, the Arsenal emblem will be nothing more than the famous club cannon, with the motto “inspired by the past, ready for the future.” Of course, the navy blue trim on the collar is a nod to the 1970-71 double-winning team’s outfit. Along with red, blue is an element of the cuff’s color scheme.

Barcelona | Home

The 2021-22 Barcelona home kit has yet to be officially released, however, a variety of possible variations have surfaced in Internet leaks. The outfit, for example, is based on the design of the club badge, with a cross on the top right and narrow vertical stripes on the left, and has been making the rounds on social media. Furthermore, the shorts in this rumored design will have one blue leg and one deep red leg. All we can do now is wait and watch!

Bayern Munich | Away

Bayern Munich’s 2021-22 away shirt is mainly influenced by the city of Munich. The design has a small emblem of the Muenchner Kindl – the Child of Munich, which has been a symbol of the Bavarian city since the 13th century – on the neck of the jersey in a black and gold colorway.

All other motifs, such as the club badge, sponsor’s logo, and manufacturer’s symbol, are gold. The shoulders are topped with three golden stripes, and one side of the torso has a pattern of white dots.

Borussia Dortmund | Home

Puma’s new home kit for 2021-22, which was unveiled on the final day of the 2020-21 season, includes a contemporary design, with black stripes on the sleeves giving the jersey a futuristic appearance. The rest of the kit remains traditional in design, with the famous yellow and black color scheme remaining. The fabric, like so many new kits these days, is made from recycled plastic, giving it a ‘green’ undertone!

Chelsea | Home

Chelsea’s home uniform for 2021-22 is blue (of course), but it has a vivid kaleidoscopic graphic on the shirt, which extends onto the shorts, in a break from the solid look of the previous season. The Nike swoosh and jersey trim, as well as the ‘CFC’ stitched onto the neck, contrast with the blue.

It was first worn on May 15. The Blues star Mason Mount believes the new appearance will be a success with fans. “This jersey is the most eye-catching yet and is so distinctive from the others I’ve worn,” he says.

Juventus | Home

The iconic harsh bianconeri vertical stripes return in the new Juventus home shirt. They have put the experimental paint-brush strokes of 2020-21 to rest. This new home uniform pays respect to the Allianz Stadium. Juve has called home for the past ten years and is commemorated on the inside of the shirt.

The manufacturer’s emblem sits white on one of the black stripes, creating a good contrast, while the Jeep sponsor badge now contains an additional line of text.

Liverpool | Home

The new Liverpool home shirt for 2021-22 is a significant departure, with a vivid orange added to the customary red combination by Nike. It may be found on the cuffs of the sleeves, the front collar, and diagonal stripes that cut the body in half.

Off-white is used for the Nike’swoosh emblem and the Liverpool badge. It has deep green on the back of the collar as a homage to the nineties colorway. The new shirt, which was first worn against Crystal Palace on May 23. It has been compared to previous Roma uniforms, which include a burned red, yellow, or orange color scheme.

According to Nike, the striking new style was inspired by Liverpool’s past. The team went all-red and skipped the white shorts.


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