Newcastle United has confirmed that there is an investigation in place for alleged racist gestures towards Tottenham fans during their Premier League game on the weekend. Northumbria Police have been told about the incident with the club extending their support to the authorities in aid of the investigation. Newcastle fans have also been given a helpline number to report any racial abuse seen in the stadium.

“Newcastle United is aware of an alleged racist gesture made by an individual towards Tottenham Hotspur supporters inside St James’ Park during Sunday’s match. An investigation is underway and the police have been made aware.” Newcastle said in a statement following alleged racist abuse directed towards Tottenham fans. “Our message is clear – football is for everyone. Discrimination has absolutely no place in football, in the street, online, or in wider society and we will not tolerate it under any circumstances.”

“Newcastle United will pursue the strongest possible action against anyone involved in discriminatory behaviour and will support any efforts by the authorities to secure a criminal conviction.” the statement added. “The club is adhering to the Premier League commitment regarding Abusive and Discriminatory conduct, which facilitates the banning of any fan found to have been involved in abusive and/or discriminatory conduct from all Premier League stadia.”

“We can confirm we are investigating an alleged racist incident during Newcastle United’s home fixture with Tottenham at St James’ Park on Sunday.” the Northumbria Police said in a statement. “Enquiries are ongoing with the club to identify anyone involved and ascertain whether criminal offences have been committed.”

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