Crying can be a good way to let off steam. Using so figuratively may also be a way of voicing frustration with an unjust situation. Neymar took to Instagram to share his frustration with his supporters’ lack of attention and support during his injury recovery.

Neymar was injured in a game against Caen in French Ligue 1 on February 10th, sustaining a hamstring muscle injury that caused him to miss several games, including the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Barça, which the French team won 1-4.

The PSG striker’s target is to make it to the second leg of the Champions League final against Barcelona on Wednesday, so he’s speeding up his recovery, which he’s chronicling on his Instagram account. It’s the same social media site where the Brazilian has shared his frustration with his fans’ lack of interest and support.

“The other day, I published what I did during the entire day of my treatment, from beginning to end, and I did not see a single message saying, ‘Wow, what a professional, he is taking care of himself,’ not one,” he grumbled angrily. For the time being, he practices without the aid of his teammates. Though he is still active on social media, he has written several articles in which he talks to his fans, alleging that they do not accept his attempts to recover.

The recovery time for Neymar’s muscle injury was set at four weeks, so he’s working against the clock to make it to Barcelona’s duel with Messi.


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