Nottingham Forest head coach Steve Cooper revealed that he is not daunted by the task at hand as he was unveiled as the new manager. Cooper became the 11th manager to take charge in the last seven years. The two-time European champions have had a new manager each season from 2010. Chris Houghton was the last manager to receive the sack after their winless run extended to 13 in the league. Cooper led Swansea to a playoff spot in the Championship last season before leaving in the summer. He believes that he can stop the managerial instability at the club.

“I’m only looking forward, I’ll always have respect for the past and respect for any manager that’s had a go at any club and it’s tough. I’ve had a go myself for a couple of years and it’s a really really challenging job in a difficult league,” Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper said. “But you’ve got to look forward and you’ve got to think about what you can do rather than what you can’t do and you’ve got to back yourself to do it.”

“It depends on your mindset – if you’re a positive guy and you think you can do things then that’s a different outlook to the opposite. The reality is you take any job in management and it can go any way, that depends on the job that you do, but my outlook is a positive one, I’ve made a decision I really believe in and I’m going to go for it.” he added.”

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