In the first game of the 1:8 Champions League final, Chelsea defeated Atletico Madrid 1:0 away. Olivier Giroud, who scored a beautiful goal with a bicycle kick, won the win for the Blues.

It took the referees on the VAR carriage almost three minutes to discuss whether Olivier Giroud’s overhead hit should be scored. It would have been a shame for such an aim to be canceled out from the point of view of the appeal of football.

Luckily for the French striker, nothing like that happened. But it was not the beauty of the goal that was the most important thing in this match, but the fact that it gave the Londoners the victory.

In Europe, both Atletico and Chelsea are both too important and have too much ambition to drop out of the Champions League at this stage. For this reason, the players played carefully in Bucharest so as not to expose themselves to any mistakes. This was particularly true for the players of Diego Simeone, whose tactics were simple — not losing a goal, above all. Constructing acts was in the past, even though Atletico already had such actions.

The aim of Atletico, not to be caught off guard, was not attained. The outcome provides a good situation for Chelsea before the rematch. All Thomas Tuchel should think about is that Mason Mount and Jorginho are absent in the second game.


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