Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has demanded an explanation from the FA after the red card for Pascal Struijk was upheld. He also asked for guidance from the FA to ensure that players can improve their decision-making. Struijk was shown a red card for a tackle on Eliott which caused the player to dislocate his ankle. Leeds lost their appeal for the three-game ban despite the fact that Elliott saying it was the wrong decision. The Liverpool midfielder underwent surgery on his ankle and is expected to return later this season.

“The majority of the plays that are similar to this one don’t generate the consequences this one generated. That’s why the injured player admits there was no bad intention,” Leeds United boss Marco Bielsa said after the appeal for the Pascal Struijk red card. “I understand those that judge and decide have different arguments to the ones I’ve spoken about, and the ones the injured player has spoken about, and their arguments are the ones that decide the outcome.”

“It’s good that it’s this way. What would be useful is to receive information which gave an explanation how to avoid these casual things from generating an injury,” he added. “We should be guided by the thoughts of those who decide (the authorities), not by me. To hope to receive an explanation is perhaps excessive, but it would help to improve the decision-making of the players.”

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