Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford revealed that Marcus Rashford has inspired him to battle climate change to help sustainability. Rashford was awarded an MBE for his work for underprivileged children during the coronavirus pandemic. The Manchester United forward successfully lobbied the government to bring back the free food policy during the lockdown.

“I think that Marcus has shown that this year – that you can do so much on the pitch but you can do even more off the pitch and I think that he’s kind of set the ball rolling for a lot of us,” Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford said about Marcus Rashford. “And I think that’s kind of pushed me or kind of given me the impetus to do more and show that I can make a change as well. So hopefully it won’t just be me, it will be a lot of people following suit.”

Bamford believes that athletes need to encourage sports fans to take small steps towards preventing climate change and improve the environment. He brought up the rose ladies singles grand final which had to be cancelled due to wildfires.

“You need the environment for sport – think about how many sports are played outside,” Bamford said. “Years ago you saw a lot about bush fires over in different countries and you thought ‘oh that’s miles away, it’s never going to happen in England,’ and then recently at the Women’s golf championship down in Surrey there were bush fires – that’s unheard of in England, so you start thinking this a serious problem, so you’ve got to start acting.”

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