Juventus forward Paulo Dybala warned the Federcalcio that if in Italian stadiums no action is taken against racism, the players will take ‘actions in our own hands.’

The Argentine ace gave an in-depth interview with CNN ahead of the resumption behind closed doors and recalled the ugly scenes when former teammate Moise Kean was targeted by racial abuse during an away game against Cagliari.

He also noticed similar events with Brescia going forward with Miralem Pjanic and Mario Balotelli.


Dybala told CNN: “It wasn’t easy for him. I’ve experienced different racist situations in other stadia with other Juventus teammates. Many Italian stadiums have some racism towards certain players. It has also happened to Mario Balotelli, it has also happened to [Miralem] Pjanic in a match against Brescia and I think that it should be tougher for Italian punishments. If not, then it’s us, players who will have to take action in our own hands so that this doesn’t continue to happen because we’re talking about one of the world’s biggest championships, where millions of people are watching and when they see racism and no action is being taken, people get emboldened and keep doing it.”

La Joya has warned the footballing authorities that if the federations don’t do something, they will have to ‘act.’

“People who need to take action need to take it, or certainly in a short period, it will be players who will take direct action. A lot of players decide to leave the pitch or not play as has happened many times in the past and it seems to be a perfect decision because it is something that shouldn’t happen in a country.”


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