Pep Guardiola, the head coach of Manchester City, summarized the results of the Champions League 1/8 final second leg against Borussia Mönchengladbach (2-0; 2-0 first leg).

“It was a good performance; we were in command of the game from the outset. It’s not an easy tournament, but after two goals, everything became much easier for us – everybody was in the right positions and moving the ball quickly,” the coach told the BBC.

“We have a lot of talented players like Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva who contribute significantly to our success. But, overall, everyone is working for the team’s benefit, and we are pleased to have advanced to the quarterfinals.”

“We only conceded one goal [in this CL] against Porto. It’s very remarkable. It’s a big move forward for the company. Everyone, not just the forwards, runs a lot. It’s important to realize that we’re defending with the ball.

“When we lose it, we have no choice but to act violently. All teams now, regardless of rank, are capable of punishing you. We will have time to reflect after the break for the national team matches. The game’s quality increases with each passing year, and I hope that this trend continues. I do believe that whoever comes next is deserving of it. We’ll continue to play well and see how things progress.”

“Now that everybody is well, we can rotate 6 or 7 people. If we want to compete for trophies in various competitions, we need to be new. The seasons are long, and we haven’t gone more than a week without a game since October.”


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