PFA chief Maheta Molango believes that a biennial World Cup could damage the game. The head of the players’ union revealed that a change in the current schedule could have disastrous ramifications to the game. Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is the driving force behind the plans for a biennial World Cup. They are currently studies being held by the FIFA Congress but plans have been met with opposition from most of the European Leagues.

“It’s a source of concern, we need to look at this. They (FIFA) need to understand the figures show the number of people this country contributes to the European Championship and World Cup is huge.” PFA chief Maheta Molango said while talking about the plans for a biennial World Cup. “There was a high percentage of players playing in England at the World Cup and last Euros so they should be listened to. They are one of the major groups of people affected by it because, here in England, we contribute so many players to those competitions.”

“Looking forward to something gives appetite to the product. Even if you just look at it from a business perspective, playing every two years does not mean people will look forward to it more. Perhaps the opposite.” he added. “What makes the event so special is you play every four years. It comes to a stage where you have so many games you are no longer looking forward to anything. We’re looking forward to seeing what the proposal looks like because we haven’t seen it yet.”

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