Juventus head coach Andrea Pirlo was pleased to see the club’s “DNA” evident in their 3-1 win over Sassuolo in Serie A on Sunday.

Andrea Pirlo said his players have shown that they have the “Juventus DNA” until the end of the matches of this season to continue fighting. The victory helped the Bianconeri notch three straight Serie A wins for the first time since July 2020 as they traveled to Milan with a game in hand inside seven leadership points.

“We can improve our quality, we can play better or worse, but the determination is an element that must never be lacking.

The determination and willingness to press until the last minute has to be in the Juventus DNA. By winning this evening, we needed to offer a sense of continuity, otherwise winning in Milan on Wednesday would not mean anything.

At times this evening, we were a little slow, but we were a little less organized and more focused, so we displayed the hunger needed to win the game.

We are Juventus, so we are under pressure to win every game. Every match we have to face as if it were a final, so we’ll see where we are closer to the end of the season.

These games are fascinating for all to enjoy, eventually raising the level of focus and tension as well. If we don’t play every game with the right concentration and determination, we will struggle.”


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