Andrea Pirlo, Juventus’ head coach, has spoken out about his team’s 3-0 victory over La Spezia in the Italian Serie A match.

“The slow start was due to physical exhaustion rather than emotional exhaustion. When you play a lot of games with the same teams, it happens,” Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

“We managed to keep the game under pressure, and as new players came on board, we were smarter and made the most of our opportunities. We have a fantastic squad, but I haven’t been able to make as many substitutions as I’d like recently. We should have done a better job rotating the lineup and mixing it up with strategic reshuffles as the game progressed.”

“The chasm is the points that split us. We are mindful that the pursuit would be lengthy. Inter has been playing with this lineup for two years and has a well-honed strategy, while we have only just begun this season. Yet we want to remain in the race to the end.”


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