Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio, called for a salary limit in Calcio, claiming that it would help to reduce club debts because he sees a level playing field around Series A in terms of salaries.

The fiery chief has always worked by keeping things at Lazio ‘s budget and he aims to persuade other sides to change their player pay policies.

Players will have to accept pay cut-outs for March and April

“We are considering setting up a cost control program in terms of salaries. I think we need a salary cap but there are obstacles,” Lotito told students at Rome’s Luiss University, as La Repubblica said.

“We pay [players] for making debts. Are we crazy? Teams in Series A spend €275 million on wages a year, with a loss of €86.5 million. At Lazio, we’ve got €26 million in salaries, but we’ve got €26 million in income.”

While Lotito ‘s proposals will be seen as a good way to cut expenses, critics say the best players won’t be attracted by a salary limit. The Aquile leader stressed the importance of imposing wage limits in Italian football … Players will face salary cutouts in March and April


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