Police chief constable Merseyside has warned Liverpool supporters that his officers “must take action” will be gathering crowds outside Anfield for the Premier League trophy presentation on Wednesday. Jordan Henderson gets the league title at a special ceremony on the Kop following Liverpool’s last home game against Chelsea.

The club and local authorities are keen to avoid a replay of the scenes that followed Liverpool’s announcement as champions on June 25, when thousands gathered on Anfield to celebrate and police were forced to close down roads around the stadium. Severe upheavals in the city center on Friday night resulted in 20 arrests.

The pre-match press conference of J├╝rgen Klopp on Tuesday was opened by the chief constable, Andy Cooke, who appealed to fans to stick to social-distant initiatives while watching the ceremony and warned that there would be repercussions for those who violate the law (via The Guardian).

Cooke said: “Tomorrow night we will have full police activity on the ground and surrounding areas and my officers will take action if people refuse to comply with socially distant laws and other members of the public are potentially at risk. The club and the city council have also agreed that there will be a celebration when everything is safe to do. We appreciate the need to celebrate and express our gratitude to the team and have a big party, but the time for celebration is not now. We have been waiting for 30 years so it’s not too late to ask for a few more months.”

“Too many people have already lost their lives, so please let’s work together to protect our families, friends, and neighbors. Listen to LFC, listen to Mr. Klopp and the players, and trust them when they say the celebration is about to come. Tomorrow is not always the day.”


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