Discussions regarding a resumption of the 2019-20 season are set to begin next week, hoping that the remaining 92 matches will be played over the summer months to complete the campaign.

However, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, fans are not going to be present for those matches and it is expected that next season’s launch will also occur behind closed doors.

Sky Sports reports that top-flight clubs are planning for the prospect of the entire 2019-20 campaign being kept without fans joining. This action would impact all competitions, including the FA Cup and the European competition at Uefa, which would be a huge blow to all Premier League clubs’ revenue sources.

The idea of no fans attending for an entire season would be much more damaging for clubs in the EFL’s lower leagues, which would also be affected, where the gate receipts are a significant part of the club’s success.

The financial consequences of the recession, which is predicted to have long-lasting effects on the economy in general and in the sporting world, have already affected clubs hard.

Meanwhile, other teams believe that one of the first things they will do when the next window opens is to plan to spend little to no money on transfers.

The Premier League believed failure to finish this season would cost its 20 clubs more than £1bn, but next season’s rivalry behind closed doors is expected to have a much more drastic impact on club finances.

The ‘Project Restart’ was at the forefront of Friday’s last call to a conference attended by all 20 parties. The next meeting is expected to take place on May 7 following the British Government’s second lockout policy assessment.

June 12 was addressed as a potential return date but the final decision will remain with the government and will depend on the next steps in the lockout


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