Sports agents have had another successful year, collecting over £300 million in commissions from football clubs.

The FA also published an annual report on how much money clubs payout in agent fees last season. It was announced that clubs in the top four leagues paid intermediaries £317.1 million in 2020/21.

This is a reduction of £600,000 from the previous season, indicating that the football agent industry has not lost significantly as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

2015/16: £54,665,628

2016/17: £220,847,763

2017/18: £257,869,413

2018/19: £318,024,257

2019/20: £317,760,008

2020/21: £317,125,032

2015/16: £46,852,845.00

2016/17: £174,227,243.00

2017/18: £211,011,188.00

2018/19: £260,664,120.00

2019/20: £263,368,860.00

2020/21: £272,220,223.00

In reality, just looking at the numbers for Premier League teams, 2020/21 is the most profitable year on record.

Chelsea leads the league in consultant spending for 2020/21, having expended £35,247,822 on broker commissions.

Manchester City is led by Manchester United at £29,801,555, Liverpool at £21,652,589, Tottenham at £16,520,177, and Arsenal at £16,462,480.

Norwich spends the most on brokers outside of the Premier League, with £6,827,037.

That is more than top-flight clubs Southampton (£6,804,154), Crystal Palace (£6,760,093), Burnley (£4,458,520), and West Bromwich Albion (£4,222,059) spending on officers.

But which agents were interested in the season’s biggest transfers? And which moves might have been the most expensive?


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