The arbitration proceedings of Newcastle United against the Premier League have been adjourned until 2022. Both parties have agreed to delay proceedings due to disclosure of evidence. This will come as a huge blow to Newcastle fans as they hoped for a takeover before the start of the new season. Amanda Staveley’s firm PCP Capital Partners and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund have launched a takeover bid.

“The parties attended a hearing today in the case between Newcastle United and the Premier League.” a joint statement was released by the premier league and Newcastle united. “The main hearing of the arbitration has regrettably now been adjourned until early 2022 due to issues with the disclosure of evidence. The parties will be making no further comment at this time.”

The takeover bid did not happen last summer as there were possible links between the Saudi state and the Public Investment Fund. After earlier pulling out, the consortium has renewed its interest recently. Earlier this month, Staveley called upon the government to intervene. She called for transparency in the takeover bid. The fans organized a protest last week to push through a message to the Premier League.

“We felt compelled to organize the protest because it has been 15 months that we have now been waiting for an answer to this takeover, the longest kind of time that it has taken for something like this,” Holly Blades, organizer of the protests said. “We just feel like we can’t be kept in this limbo for much longer and we can’t sit and have no comment from the Premier League. We need some sort of answers because it is not fair on the fans, Steve Bruce, the players, anyone – because we really don’t know what is happening with the club and it is putting us in a massively damaging situation.”

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