Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston revealed he is very comfortable with the idea of full stadiums in the Premier League next season. On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an end to all restrictions after lockdown. This will be a huge boost for football clubs that have operated with no fans for the past few months. Huddleston praised the vaccination rollout and labelled it the main reason for no restrictions. He believes the return of fans to the stadium can help kickstart the economy.

“I am very comfortable with it.” Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said talking about full capacity stadiums in the Premier League from next season. “I’m comfortable with it because a vast majority of the British public will be vaccinated and that will make a huge difference. “It doesn’t mean you’re immune, people still need to be sensible and if you’ve got symptoms don’t go out, keep the tests going and if you get pinged you have to self-isolate.”

“So we’ve still got certain systems and precautions in place to minimise the risks that are out there. But we have got to the stage where, given the incredible sacrifices that everybody in the country has made, it’s time now to start getting back to life a little bit more normal,” he added. “We need people to get out and about, we need sporting events to start going, not only because they lift the mood of the nation but they employ hundreds of thousands of people and are major economic contributors to the British economy.”

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