Jeremy Cross claims in a story on the back page of the Mirror and also on the Daily Star online that Premier League players who break social distancing laws during goal celebrations could face penalties or suspensions if they continue to follow new rules.

Club outbreaks and subsequent postponements in Covid lead to an increasingly challenging calendar, and one that becomes more difficult to plan by the week. The latest postponement was Aston Villa vs Tottenham, with Spurs vs Fulham now taking place on Wednesday instead, and the pandemic has prompted Premier League bosses to enforce tougher guidelines, including the need for replacements to wear masks when seated in the stands, and at all times even prohibiting unwanted touch, including handshakes and kissing.

This is the truth of where we are going to get there. The season is on a knife-edge and may not be far from not managing to finish it in time for too many outbreaks. There is very little time to prolong the campaign as it stands, considering the Euros collapse shortly after the domestic season is due to end, and so it is no surprise to see the Premier League getting tough as they attempt to ride this storm through to calmer waters.


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