Cagliari Calcio was established today, 100 years ago, so President Tommaso Giulini is celebrating the occasion with new advances on their stadium project, Football Italia reveals today.
Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has canceled plans to mark both their only 50th anniversary of Scudetto as well as the club’s centenary, as large gatherings are prohibited.

The Sardinian side was created on 30 May 1920, and today special commemorative stamps have been issued.
“We knew we couldn’t celebrate on the town square with our fans, so in these two-three months, we thought it was fitting to move the plans for the new stadium forward.
Sportium has been granted stadium concept but the building is still off for several years

Nevertheless, Cagliari is now playing in the Sardegna Arena, which was set up relatively quickly in a position close to Stadium Sant’Elia.

“I think it’s important to reopen the stadiums gradually, first with the capacity of 20-25 percent, then with the capacity of 50 percent, and it’s wonderful to believe that by the end of July, with the pandemic curve enabling, we’ll have a nice portion of Italian stadiums accessible to the public.”

President Tommaso Giulini celebrates on their stadium project.


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