Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick believes the team needs continuity and consistency to reach the level of their rivals Manchester City and Liverpool. Rangnick is the seventh boss at Old Trafford since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in 2013. The search for a new manager is on as they look to secure a top-four finish as well as compete in the Champions League.

“What is obvious, not only with Manchester City but also with Liverpool, they’ve had continuity and consistency on their position of manager and head coach for five or six years,” Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick said. “They have a very clear identity, clear idea of how they want to play. I know Jurgen in person and Pep from in Germany when he was at Bayern Munich, he also has a clear idea how he wants to play.”

“This idea is the headline for everything that happens in the club, for recruitment, for any new players that they sign or at one stage will sell. This is the secret behind their success that they exactly know how they want to play,” he added. “You can also call it a corporate identity and this is their guideline for everything they do, for new players, staff members, for experts in different areas of the game that have become more important. This is what all the top clubs in Europe have in common and something Manchester United needs to be developed and improved in the next couple of years.”

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