Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick revealed that Paul Pogba will return to action from a long injury lay-off against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup this weekend. Meanwhile, Jesse Lingard has requested the club to give him a couple of days off so he can clear his head. The request was after the board blocked a potential move to Newcastle and West Ham during the transfer window.

“Yes, Paul will be part of the group,” Ralf Rangnick said about Paul Pogba. “He might even be part of the starting XI. Jesse asked me and the club if he could have a couple of days off just to clear up his mind. He will be back in the group I suppose next Monday and part of the squad again. “In a way, yes. But in the end, the board told me that they could not find an agreement with any of the clubs interested in him. With the window closing, in the afternoon the board told me that they would want him to stay and for me that was a decision that I could fully understand and accept.”

“I have no idea, my full focus is on developing and training the group,” Rangnick said about the future of a number of players. “We have important games coming up in three different competitions, so I can not give any reasonable answer to that question. My focus is on the next couple of weeks and months and being as successful as we can be.”

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