A good performance tonight at Benito Villamarín Stadium by Real Betis Balompié, where the team left the three points after they beat CA Osasuna. For the whole game, the team has been superior to its rivals. The Green and Whites took the lead early on in Guido Rodríguez ‘s game with a header, and Pedraza also scored the second in the first half.

Aleñá closed the score at the end. As for Betis players, the three scored their first goals.

Real Betis began the match well, as the team only needed four minutes to take the lead. Guido headed in a cross that Joaquín sent. The first goal for the Midfielder in Argentina.

Osasuna attempted to get to the other end for the first time after the goal but Betis was holding the ball and more determinedly attacking. Fekir, who sent his shot wide, was the next chance. Pedraza tried two minutes later but found a successful save from Herrera. Following a fine combination between him and Fekir, the left-back found the net two minutes later.

The team kept on controlling and attempting to attack, while at this stage Osasuna was attempting a little bit more. The last of the first half was for Fekir, again after he linked with Pedraza, but Herrera saved his effort.

The first half of the second was for Borja Iglesias, whose effort just went low. Even attempted Pedraza and Fekir but both needed a successful save from the keeper.

The best in the second cycle so far has been for the Frenchman, once again. A free-kick from the visiting keeper aiming for the top right corner and again a good response.

The next one was for Iglesias but with his header, the striker could not find the target. The first goal in Osasuna’s game came with a shot by Rocanglia in the 832nd minute that found a good save from Martín.

It looked like it was all over but Aleñá made a strong run a good team action finished in the 97th minute. The first Green and White as well.


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