Sergio Ramos’ Real Madrid deal has not been renewed despite the passage of time. Nobody wants to give up their position. Real Madrid and defender Sergio Ramos have been unable to find an understanding of a new deal.

Weeks pass and there is still no guarantee that Sergio Ramos will be captain of Real Madrid next season. Marca is providing reports about her condition for fewer than 50 days before her deal expires… and it does not inspire confidence. Indeed, both Merengue and Sergio Ramos are clinging to their original positions, implying that little has changed since the discussions began.

Nonetheless, Marca claims that the condition is very easy to summarize. The Spanish player agrees to a 10% pay cut on the condition that the club gives him a two-year deal with no strings attached (eg: minimum number of matches to be played to obtain the second year). This season, the 34-year-old has appeared in 15 La Liga games and scored two goals (both from penalties). He’s now missing with an injury.

Real Madrid, for its part, is adamant in its negotiating position. Since January, the deal has remained the same: an additional season. Florentino Perez and Ramos have met twice since the beginning of the year, but the matter has not been resolved. According to Marca, the Madrid bid had an expiration date, but due to the strong relationship between the two of me, a simple phone call could reignite the talks. But it will be Ramos who caves in for that.

Indeed, the club’s status has been improved by the emergence of David Alaba this summer, as well as the strong results of Militao and Nacho in the second half of the season. The club will have three key trustworthy players next season, regardless of what Raphael Varane does on his side. Sergio Ramos no longer has any negotiating leverage… but he insists on his two-year contract extension to continue his adventure in Madrid.

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