Real Madrid supporters were outraged by Eden Hazard’s response to being thrown out of the Champions League on Wednesday night after the Belgian was caught on camera laughing around with his former teammates moments after the game ended.

Eden Hazard was chastised by a host of Real Madrid supporters after he was seen joking with Chelsea players during his team’s Champions League semi-final loss at Stamford Bridge.

At full-time, Hazard, who had returned to Stamford Bridge for the first time since his £90 million moves to Spain in 2019, was all smiles and laughter with his former teammates, confirming Madrid’s elimination at the final hurdle.

It’s a turning point for the striker, who has had a difficult time since arriving at the Bernabeu in June 2019, and both Madrid fans and the Spanish media seem to be turning on the forward, who was expected to be the club’s leading light since Cristiano Ronaldo retired.

Fans of the Spanish giants spent no time expressing their displeasure with his reaction to the 2-0 defeat. This saw Thomas Tuchel’s side advance to the Istanbul final with a 3-1 aggregate victory.

Fans Comments On Eden Hazard

One fan wrote: ‘Eden Hazard just got knocked out of the Champions League and this is his reaction after the game’. While another wrote: ‘Eden Hazard could genuinely not care less about Real Madrid.’

The Madrid forward also shared an intimate moment with Azpilicueta. Seeming to wish him luck in his upcoming final against Manchester City in Turkey.

‘The image of Hazard laughing after the elimination that outrages madridismo,’ the Spanish daily Marca immediately republished the photographs of Hazard full-time online. The picture was published with the condemning headline: ‘The image of Hazard laughing after the elimination that outrages madridismo.’

Real Madrid fans were not only saddened by his off-field conduct, but also by his on-field success.

However, he struggled to make an impact on the game. And was eventually replaced by Zidane late in the game. Which turned out to be a disastrous night for the Spanish giants.

Chelsea put in a strong showing in the second leg to easily put all hopes of a Madrid comeback to rest.

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