Tony Kroos has stressed that he is not sure if football is ready to openly accept gay players.

Real Madrid midfielder described rival fans being able to build a hostile atmosphere towards those who expressed their sexual orientation openly.

“My usual sense tells me that everyone should live in complete freedom. I don’t know, I ‘d advise an active football player to declare he’s gay. Some terms are always used in the match, and given the emotions in the stands, I couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t be insulted and tarnished in the end. That should not be the case and I’m sure that many will help a player who wants to take this measure,” he told reporters.

Real Madrid midfielder worried about players who publicly shared their sexual orientation.

Kroos went on to discuss the differences between the German and Spanish cultures he has experienced.

Kroos continued the discussion of disagreements between German and Spanish cultures which he experienced. He continued saying, “Spanish people are a little more relaxed and I think I became a more relaxed person too. I am a fan of absolute punctuality here too, something more marginal. It is a normal timeliness to arrive late in 10 minutes. When I appear in a team three minutes before a meeting, I frequently become the first.”

Toni Kroos didn’t like revolutionary body contact. He said “Spaniards quite always embrace and kiss everybody, I’m not that kind of individual either. Perhaps, in this case, I’m a bit of a German, which doesn’t imply I don’t love the other only because I don’t want the intense body touch.”

The Germany international also claimed he was helped by experience and successes to avoid nervousness on the pitch.


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