Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos are the two main players in Real Madrid’s central defense. The players’ conditions are different, but they are related enough that they can affect each other. Read more about Real Madrid here.

Madrid’s first goal is to deal with Varane, followed by Ramos. The club will be able to settle the captain’s problem until the French defender’s future is determined.

Varane has kept a renewal bid from Madrid on the table for several months. In June 2022, his new term will expire. He didn’t seem very interested in extending his deal at first; he had considered leaving at the start of 2019 in search of fresh opportunities elsewhere, but Zidane’s arrival convinced him otherwise.

Varane’s representatives approached Madrid with a counter-offer a few weeks ago, which included a substantial raise in his pay. Pay raises, on the other hand, aren’t in line with club policies at the moment; Madrid is demanding players who are renewing their contracts to take a pay cut, so Varane’s expectations are unlikely to be met.

The club has known that several key players will depart this summer, and selling some of them would help fund the squad’s reconstruction. During interviews with El Chiringuito, El Larguero, and Diario AS, Florentino Pérez admitted as much.

Varane is one of the squad’s most important players. He has a lot of experience. He has won four Champions Leagues and the World Cup with France. And he is estimated at 70 million euros by Transfermarkt at the age of 28. That is a number that Madrid will gladly consider, particularly because Varane is approaching the end of his contract and could leave for free in 2022.

Who will join on a free transfer from Bayern Munich?

Madrid has reached a deal with Bayern Munich’s David Alaba, who will enter on a free transfer and gain 11 million euros net. There will be space for one more central defender in the squad with Nacho. Nacho’s deal expires in 2022, but Madrid is optimistic he will be renewed.

Milito is beginning to find his place after his 50 million euro move from Porto. Though Varane and Ramos’ respective circumstances remain unresolved.

If Madrid is unable to sell Varane this summer, it is unlikely that Ramos’ contract will be renewed. But, if they are successful in finding a buyer for Varane, the odds of Ramos committing to a new contract will improve.

Ramos’ predicament isn’t completely financial. The center-back, who has been plagued with injuries since the start of the season, will have to commit to a 10% salary cut, which the club has asked. But he still needs a two-year contract.

Madrid believes that a player over the age of 35 should extend his contract year after year, which is currently the biggest roadblock. Varane’s relocation this summer will speed up the process and encourage Ramos and Florentino Pérez to enter an agreement.

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