In the 20th round of the Premier League, the Liverpool footballers celebrated away against Tottenham with a score of 3: 1. Firmino (45 + 4), Alexander-Arnold (47), and Salah (65) were the scorers for J├╝rgen Klopp’s side, while Hoybjerg (49) scored for Tottenham. These were the first goals for Liverpool and a victory in the 2021 Premier League.

Right at the beginning of the game, Tottenham and Liverpool players gave an impression of what kind of game we’re going to be watching in London. Sadio Mane missed the first big chance for Liverpool in the third minute. On the left side of the visitors’ attack, he was helped by Mohamed Salah and the Senegalese broke out in front of Lloris and shot next to the goal.

Tottenham took the lead just a minute later. Son hit a good pass from Harry Kane from a perfect chance, but a replay shot showed Son was offside in the millimeter when he got the ball for the first time.

In the 42nd minute, Mane missed one of the numerous chances in the first half. Mane had a Tottenham player on his back this time, Firmino added, but somehow he managed to fight back and send out a dangerous shot that Lloris defended.

What he defended in the 42nd was that the referee’s compensation for the first half had failed in the fourth minute. This time, Mane was in the position of assistant. From the left, he reached the penalty area and passed beautifully to Firmino, who was waiting for himself on the second post and scored an empty-net goal.

After the score, at the end of the first half, referee Martin Atkinson played immediately.

The first goal we saw in the second half was already in the 47th minute. Lloris defended his shot from the left side of the Liverpool attack shot by Sadio Mane, but the ball bounced on the volley of Trent Alexander-Arnold, who scored 2:0.0.

Even so, the celebration in Liverpool only lasted one minute. Jose Mourinho’s players reduced the guests’ lead immediately after starting from the middle.

On an assist by Bergwijn, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg scored beautifully from behind 20 meters from Liverpool’s post. The reactions of the Liverpool defense that left the Dane alone on the blow are shocking.

Liverpool had already raised the advantage again in the 55th minute. However, due to playing with Firmino’s hand at the start of the action, Salah’s goal was annulled this time. In Firmino, it seems like the ball bounced off Dier’s side, but after reviewing the video, referee Atkinson ruled in favor of the home team.

Still, after a brief lull, nine minutes later, Tottenham had no help. From the right flank, Alexander-Arnold crossed, and Mane was waiting in the center, striking nicely with a powerful shot from close range. The weak defensive reaction of home stopper Rodon, who was just watching the ball pass by him towards Mane, should be noted.


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