The investigation of referee David Medie Jimenez has been made public. David Medie Jimenez worked at the La Liga match between Cadiz and Valencia (2-1), where the racist incident occurred.

Valencia defender Mouctar Diakhaby left the field in the first half after complaining that Cadiz player Juan Cala had humiliated him. Valencia players left in protest as well but returned 25 minutes later and the game was resumed.

“In the 29th minute, I stopped the game due to a misunderstanding between two teams players.”

After getting a yellow card for arguing with his rival, Valencia player Mouctar Diakhaby said, “He called me black shit” (negro de mierda), referring to Cadiz player Juan Cala. According to Marca, “no part of the refereeing panel heard that.

After a bit, the Valencia players wanted to leave the area, and the game was briefly stopped. Both sides went back to their dressing rooms. After a few minutes of deliberation, the Valencia representative advised us that they had agreed to replace Mouctar Diakhaby and resume the match in the presence of the Cádiz representative. Besides, to prevent injury, all teams were given 5 minutes to warm up. The game started after 24 minutes of stoppage time and continued as usual.”


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