Manchester United and Manchester City played without goals on Saturday in the Premiership’s 12th round. Aside from bad football, after the city derby, many were troubled by the actions of the players. Roy Keane, the iconic United captain, remained afraid of the players’ tight hugs on both sides.

United Captain Harry Maguire today embraced rival John Stones, a colleague from the national team in England, and Keane said it was impossible in his time because rivals hated each other. On the same track are Rio Ferdinand, the legendary United, and English stopper.

“Listen, the new generations are different, we can’t expect them to be the same as us When we played, we didn’t hug or love any player from City and Liverpool because it was just a mad rivalry. We didn’t like them, we didn’t like being longer in their stadium than we should have, during the week we didn’t want to run into any City fans. We were in a good mood with the players.

We played at the old City Stadium Maine Road when I played the first derby for United against City in my career. We lost 3-1, I think Goater was scoring goals. I could sense the atmosphere, entering the locker room. I sat down, and then Ruud van Nistelrooy came in with a City jersey Sir Alex Ferguson went completely crazy He didn’t blush he was purple He went completely insane He went utterly insane. Therefore it is not clear to Ferdinand how the disputed captain Maguire of United offers a different example.

Does anyone look at the picture of the captain hugging one of the opposing players? They may be friends, that’s fine, but is there anyone who will tell him – listen, we’re not doing this here what are you doing? Who is this person who is doing this to him?”


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